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The following projects have been completed and launched successfully. They illustrate a range of styles and types of projects we have completed thus far.

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Corporate Web Site
The Entapack site provides plastic packaging information tailored to specific audience groups. Potential clients can view marketing materials relevant to their selected product families whilst existing clients and agents will have access to technical information specific to their needs. Entapack is a leading producer of plastic packaging in Australia with agencies worldwide.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia
Corporate Website
Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia is a national organisation established to assist in the development of mentoring throughout Australia for children and young people. This site establishes a national presence for the organisation and provides a central point for contact.

Moreland City Council
Corporate Intranet
The Moreland City Council intranet is a complete Linux based content management system. The Moreland Intranet will store information about policies, human resources, news and events, a host of online and offline resources, council materials including minutes of meetings, etc... The package will be embraced in a fast and attractive corporate interface.

Department of Infrastructure
Certificate Online Interface Development
Blue Skies Unlimited was commissioned to develop the user interface of the online certificate purchasing system. The system comprises of the site certificate selection screens and online credit card payment screens. Implementation of the system was performed by Groupware.

Moreland City Council
Community Portal
The Moreland City Council Community Portal is an add-on to an already very popular website. The portal compliments the existing Moreland website and provides the local community with provisions adding/deleting entries for the community database, add links to their website, host free web pages and integral links back to Council services.

Online Assessment Workshop
The Online Assessment Workshop is an Internet Application that allows assessors to login and create test papers to be downloaded, printed and used in the classroom. Assessors can select specific questions and generate fully customised test. The papers were to be available as MS Word and PDF documents, allowing the assessor to download and edit the documents. The user is also able to view and download relevant mixed media resources. The application allows for an extensive permissions system that allows content to be delivered in a targeted and relevant manner. The material contained within the system relies on XML to allow for highly complex structures to be defined allowing for output in a wide range of formats.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
Corporate Web Site
The VMIA web site allows interested parties to access insurance and risk management resources and strategies. An online claims form will allow claims to be submitted directly to VMIA for processing. VMIA offers insurance and risk management strategies to the public sector.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Annotated Work Samples
The annotated work samples were designed to illustrate achievement of learning outcomes and assist teachers to monitor students' progress against the Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF) II. Blue Skies Unlimited has published the samples electronically. The CD-ROM publication enhances the samples with interactive annotations and pop up windows displaying work at, towards and beyond the level. Sample work includes Video and Audio examples. English, Maths and Science were launched in November, LOTES are currently in development. Blue Skies Unlimited completed development of the CSF II electronic generation system early 2000.

Parks Victoria
Parks Victoria Public Web Site
The new Parkweb presents information on the 350+ venues in an organised and structured manner. It allows users to print off a park 'spec sheet' which contains a summary of all that the park has to offer, from heritage information to guided activities to management plans and brochures. The site is completely maintained in-house using a secure and easy-to-use content management and publishing system. Parks Victoria manages Victoria's world class network of national, state, regional and metropolitan parks, other conservation reserves, many significant cultural assets, and Melbourne's bays and waterways.

BSU Weather Views
Self-service live weather delivery system
This system allows web site owners and developers to view available weather products, select the products required and have them delivered regularly and automatically to their servers. These can then be easily displayed on their website with very little technical knowledge.

This site was featured at the site as "Site of the Week" between 10 Feb 2002 and 16 Feb 2002. Archived under Professional Services.

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